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Programmable Bell Ringers

Programmable Bell Ringer

Omron HS5 Time Switch

Easier, More Convenient Time Switches, with New 4-circuit Output and Yearly Models in Addition to 2-circuit Weekly Models

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230V Siren

Sirena Celere Electro-mechanical Siren

Electro-mechanical siren engineered for industrial applications.The device, made up of an electric motor connected to an internal fan, generates a long high-pitched sound.The high frequency sound replicates typical features of a whistle, allowing recognition of this sound from users. Ideal choice for industrial applications, from general-purpose signalization to warning of impending dangers.

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Weather-Proof Exterior/Interior Electric Bell

Sirena Siad Electromechanical industrial bell

Electromechanical industrial bell with reinforced base, available with diameter 165mm or 215mm.Developed with acoustic electromagnetic unit with vibrating piston, the devicegenerates a characteristic continuous sound. The rugged steel structure of the bell provides high impact resistance and excellent protection against dust and water (IP66), suitable also for heavy duty applications.

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Interior Electric Bell

Fulleon Underdome Electric Bell

A unique, patented alarm bell designed for use in fire, security and other signalling systems. The combination of a miniature solenoid with an integrated control circuit allows excellent sound coverage, minimum current consumption and increased reliability. The improved aesthetics make the bell suitable for all applications including the most prestigious locations.

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