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Programmable Bell Ringers

Programmable Bell Ringer

Omron HS5 Time Switch

Easier, More Convenient Time Switches, with New 4-circuit Output and Yearly Models in Addition to 2-circuit Weekly Models


  • Independent Day Keys provide easier operation. 
  • Temporary holiday setting function makes it easy to turn OFF output for holidays and non-operating days. 
  • Settings can be made even with the Time Switch turned OFF. 
  • Test mode enables easy program checking. 
  • Complies with EMC Directives, UL/CSA, and other safety standards. 
  • Includes summer time (DST) adjustment. Yearly models also offer automatic switching to DST. 
  • Set value can be changed both upward and downward for speedier setting. 
  • Integrated temperature compensation circuit helps keep accurate time over a wide temperature range.
  • Includes time counter and total counter functions with alarm indicator.
  • Bank function allows program switching by an external input.
  • New 4-circuit output models with a compact, 72 × 72-mm DIN size added to the series.