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LCD Digital Clocks - Opalys Range

Opalys LCD clock

The backlit Opalys LCD clock fits easily into any interior decoration

  • Four models available.
  • Luminous blue background.
  • All our clocks display the date and the week number (tempreture optional on selected models).
  • Power via mains or PoE network.
  • Casing color: aluminium
  • Options and mounting accessories: table or shelf bracket, double sided bracket, recessed mounting bracket.
  • Synchronisation options: NTP/POE, Impulses, AFNO

LCD Clocks Opalys Ellipse
Opalys Ellipse
Digit/letter height: 60/30mm
Optimal Readability: 25m

LCD Clocks Opalys Date
Opalys Date

Line1/2&3 height: 70/50mm
Optimal Readability: 30m

LCD Clocks Opalys14
Opalys 14

Digit height: 140mm
Optimal Readability: 60m

LCD Clocks Opalys7
Opalys 7

Digit height: 70mm
Optimal Readability: 30m